From your campaign strategy, winning sales pitch, copywriting, design to business analytics, we've got you covered. 

Get Sales Leads From Online Advertising. No Digital Marketing Expertise Required

All for less than the cost of one headcount.

About clickTRUE

With over two decades of online experience from founding and managing the leading technology portal –, clickTRUE understands what is required to build and grow an online brand. We leverage on our past experience to give advice on best practices and provide holistic solutions to increase clients' brand value. Today, clickTRUE has a growing clientele comprising both SMEs and Fortune 100 companies, with a significant pool of clients in the Asia-Pacific region. 
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Why we are the perfect digital marketing partner for you

Find Online Marketing Tough?

Hire Industry Experts At A Fraction Of The Cost

Get an entire team of digital marketing talents at less than the cost of one headcount. From business consultants, copywriters, designers, to data analysts, you'll get them all — minus the HR headache.

Partner Led Consulting
To Reduce Risk

Do you want your marketing to be led by marketers or entrepreneurs? We take a business-first approach to marketing. We don't just market for marketing's sake. Instead, we work on marketing campaigns that drive business outcomes, this lowers your risk and gets you better ROI..

Put Your Most Persuasive 
Sales Pitch Online

We'll craft a 60 seconds sales pitch designed to leave an impression. So your customers will come back and contact you even after they've visited your competitors' website.

Ride on our 20 years of experience as entrepreneurs

Achieve In One Month 
What Takes You A Year To Do

Instead of taking months to master and keep up with the constant changes to the online marketing landscape, let us sweat the details while you focus on closing the sales leads we pass to you.

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Before you spend thousands on a new website or SEM/SEO, invest just 30 minutes with us, and you will...

  • Get more information and insights from your customers and sales than you ever did
  • Get more interactions with your customers and your prospects than ever before
  • Understand more about their desires, wants and needs
  • Be able to sell more products more quickly at higher prices
  • Increase your income and lower your refund rates
  • Your business and service will improve

Less jargon. More action.

Jackie Lee

CEO clickTRUE,
Founder of HardwareZone

"9 out of 10 customers I talk to are spending money on Google and Facebook and not getting the results they deserve." 

Don't Worry, You're Not Alone.

"I hired a Digital Marketing Specialist to help me but after 3 months I saw little improvement. Now this person has left and I'm back to square one."

"I've tried using different online tools to get campaigns going. I even tried to pull in my sales manager to help me. It's been 6 months and I've yet to launch my campaign. This is taking too much of my time. "

"There were so many digital marketing agencies offering different online solutions. I was so confused. I find it hard to differentiate between each service."

"I've tried to run SEM (search engine marketing) campaigns and Facebook campaigns before, but it did not improve my sales."

All for less than the cost of 1 headcount

Adrian speaking at Google Analytics Masterclass event
Crono speaking to SME owners at KL Hilton
Jackie receiving NUS Genesis (Technology) Award for the 2nd Entrepreneur Awards
Jereme invited by Google Global as panelist to their Annual Summit in Tokyo
Jereme speaking at Google Analytics event in KL
Richard invited to speak at MDIS Campus
Laura Mercier
Llumar Malaysia

Automotive Window Solutions

"In just 3 months, our RM24,000 online marketing campaign earned almost 10x in revenue for us"

Lee Yi Hui, 
Marketing Manager, LLumar Malaysia


"clickTRUE did everything to understand our customers and business. As a result, our campaign generated 4000 redemptions in just 3 months."

May Meim, 
Marketing Manager, Laura Mercier Malaysia


"We saw thousands inquiries of our courses since we launched the campaign. I would have no hesitation in recommending clickTRUE for any business that needs leads quickly!"

Sean Wong, 
Senior Manager, My Eye Level Malaysia

Find Online Marketing Tough?

Get Sales Leads From Online Advertising. No Digital Marketing Expertise Required

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